Moloch – Verwüstung

a1886578069_10 When it comes to atmospheric black metal there are so many excellent bands that come to mind with Secrets of the Sky, Ende, and Stellar Master Elite to just name a few, but one that should and will pop up in my head more often is the Ukrainian ambient black metal band Moloch giving us a great album for its genre, Verwüstung”. Some bands will forgo the ambiance at times to really focus on the black metal more, and Moloch does that as well but they manage to create a raw feel that sounds like the death throes of some poor soul from the bowls of some cave mixed with intense guitars, bass, and drums that only make the poor bastard’s demise all the more brutal. And fun fact: the word “verwüstung” itself is German for “havoc” and that is exactly what the whole album is all the way. Everything about Verwüstung” is 100% black metal down to the very rhythm as each track that isn’t purely atmospheric is so raw and intense to the point that this is as black metal as it gets without getting satanic (that I can tell). Then when the black metal is over, the ambiance creates this hollow echoing sound that sounds like the poor soul in that cave being dragged down into the darkest pits of his worst hell. Moloch have made a statement with this album that is as a one-man band, this man has been doing this for a long time, put out a lot, and he is not even beginning to think of slowing down especially after the more than well done album that is Verwüstung”. If you have never heard of Moloch before like me, then you have got a lot of catching up to do and I will be right there with you because this guy has got my attention and will have it for a long while to come.

You can buy Verwüstung” via iTunes here, stream Verwüstung” on Bandcamp here, and stream the track “Die Kälte der Ewigkeit” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Todesstille
  2. Blutmond
  3. Spiritueller Selbstmord
  4. Negativiat
  5. Nur de Tod ist Wirklich
  6. Die Kalte der Ewigkeit
  7. Du bist nichts in dieser sterbenden Welt
  8. Verwüstung