GATEWAY Will Arise “Boundless Torture” From The Depths of Hell In May

Belgian deranged Doom-terror GATEWAY casts a horrifying perturbation with the upcoming
“Boundless Torture” Mini-CD!
Two years since the second full-length record, “Boundless Torture” once again dwells into the
perplexing mind of GATEWAY head-honcho Robin Van Oyen, hurdling into an under-worldly, harsh and cold nether dimension. Four tracks of filth-ridden and the heaviest Doomdeath in 2018!
GATEWAY is the sonic vessel of Robin Van Oyen. A one-man torture division hailing from Bruges, Belgium. GATEWAY regurgitates putrid heaviness and cavernous doom, influenced by all things death and blackened. A primitive exercise in desolate, barbaric and forlorn metal.
Since 2013, GATEWAY is an active force in the obscure underground of musical extremity. After a well-received demo EP, a full-length album was released in 2015 on Hellthrasher Productions.
Followed by the one-track mini album “Scriptures Of Grief,” released on cassette through Sentient Ruin in 2017.
In 2018, GATEWAY returns with “Boundless Torture.” A brand new EP filled with 4 torturous tracks from the deepest medieval dungeons of Van Oyen’s historical hometown, Bruges. For fans of Evoken, Hooded Menace, Incantation and crushing Doomdeath!

Track Listing:
1. Boundless Torture (5:45)
2. Famished Below (4:58)
3. Iron Storms (1:34)
4. Odyssey Of The Bereaved (10:25)

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