Long-Tongued GENE SIMMONS Mocks Paul Stanley

Yeah, I guess we all can notice the early signs of senility in Gene Simmons. Once again the long-tongued bassist spread the words for nothing. This time the victim is his longtime partner Paul Stanley. During his solo tour around Australia, the long-tongued man tossed a few mocking words about  Paul’s vocal issues.

Before Simmons invited members of the crowd onstage to sing “Rock and Roll All Nite” (video below) he said:

“We need some help, though. We can’t sing the song ourselves ’cause I’m 69 and I’ve lost my voice!”

Then the long-tongued man coughed the word “bullshit.”

It wasn’t the only time the long-tongued man has mocked Stanley’s vocals. At an earlier concert, he said:

“I’ll sing everything because my voice always works. I don’t lose my voice. I don’t lose my voice… Paul Stanley.”

Stanley vocal problems have been well documented and in 2011 he had surgery to cope with “recurring vocal issues.”

Watch the video here:

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