VARG VIKERNES Reveals The First Song He Ever Made

In his recent video,¬†BURZUM mastermind Varg Vikernes has unveiled “Strange World,” the first song he ever made. He said in the introduction (as transcribed by

“Music – is it a type of magic? I think it is. Because it moves emotions, it awakens memories, it creates memories. We remember [with the] help of music.”

Adding he thinks the song was recorded in 1987 – at which time he was around 14 years old – Varg focused on the track, saying:

“It’s not very original, nor innovative, but I like it because it brings back so many memories of my teenage years. It enables me to remember things I otherwise would have forgotten all about by now… as if by magic.”

Vikernes then added:

“It was the first step on a long walk downhill… that I had to undo by walking hard uphill again. Memories are like the scars of the mind. But I don’t complain. My life is good. All that walking made it good…”

He also said in the comments section:

“For more self-centered and sentimental crap, please subscribe to my channel.”

Check the song below.