War Curse – Eradication

The overexposure Thrash Metal had back in the day gave it a bad name. It turned into a very predictable music with no news at all. There was a time that all Metal bands were kind of Thrash in a way. Too much exposure has its price. So say Metallica.

War Curse with “Eradication” follow the path Anthrax, Testament, and others paved. “Eradication” is a very energetic album as fans would expect from any Thrash Metal band. The thing is that War Curse give their songs a bit of melody that rests the ears of those typical Thrash riffing. As a result, “Eradication” doesn’t sound boring and tiring as many of their peers. In fact, it is the opposite, “Eradication” is very exciting and makes you want some more. Fun fact is that War Curse use lots of Thrash Metal clichés. They don’t distance an inch from the patterns established by their predecessors. However, those clichés are the things that make this album so tasty. Paradoxal, huh? Not even a bit. It’s not really what you use, but the way you use them that makes the difference. War Curse use them pretty well.

The beauty of reviewing bands in a role is to vary the subgenres, so it doesn’t get boring and it’s possible to overvalue the next band. I mean, I reviewed Doom Metal and Black Metal bands before, so Thrash Metal sounds so different. Of course, it’s not only that. War Curse are a competent band in what they do though being no news. In fact, I don’t buy that fashionist thing of bands having to change everyday their music to get appeal. No sir, to me this total BS. Heavy Metal is a very well established musical style to give up and die. Bands like War Curse with “Eradication” do the very important job of bringing up tradition to new kids. This is one of the many reasons that Metal survives. Bands pay tribute to the past, and this past gets near to today’s kids. Here’s Metal’s formula to be so long-living and successful.

War Curse “Eradication” was released in 018 via Svart Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Asylum (feat. Glen Alvelais)
  2. Sands of Fate
  3. Possession
  4. Serpent (feat. Kragen Lum)
  5. Iron Veil
  6. Eradication
  7. Deadly Silence (feat. Kyle Thomas)
  8. Polluted Minds

Watch “Serpent” official video here: