Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity) – Шёпот забытых холмов (The Whisper of Forgotten Hills)

Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity) are the most weird band to have been reviewed this year. In their musical melting pot there are room for almost everything. From medieval tunes to modern Metal textures. Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity) label themselves as a death doom gothic band. After giving a lot of thought of what it means, I had come to the decision that they are possibily right. Are they?

It is my policy not to mention a band’s nationality, because it really does not matter. But in the case of Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity), there is no doubt that they are from Russia. And everybody knows that russians are crazy. And so are Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity). Hence “The Whisper of Forgotten Hills” is a sick album. And, as a matter of fact, damn good. Everything in “Шёпот забытых холмов (The Whisper of Forgotten Hills)” is edgy: vocals, instrumentals, orchestral parts, and everything else. But the outcome comes to the eyes. I’ll explain why. Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity) follow no formula at all. There is no logical path Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity) follow. Does anyone want anything more Metal than this? Is it possible? Maybe next Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity) effort. If there will be one.

As Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity) self labelled as gothic band, orchestral parts must have an intense part in songs. They do indeed. There are violins, pianos, cellos, and others. All of them sometimes embellished by a beautiful female voice in contrast with a male voice from the great depts of hell. The mix gets perfect on the last track, “Наследие (Heritage),” with a sharp violin and the angelical female voice I mentioned before. Pretty heavy, and of a hellish beauty. “Шёпот забытых холмов (The Whisper of Forgotten Hills)” is for the strong. There is occasionally the feeling that there is something completely lost in the songs. But, in my opinion, it gives “Шёпот забытых холмов (The Whisper of Forgotten Hills)” a certain charm. Ah, useless to say that the lyrics are in Russian. BTW, what a nice cover art!

Track Listing:

  1. Будни войны (Days of war)
  2. Брест(Brest)
  3. Кто будет первым (Who Will Be the First)
  4. Танк (Tank)
  5. Победа для мёртвых (Victory For the Dead)
  6. Для тех, кто потерялся на этой войне (For Those Who Are Lost In This War)
  7. Эхо (Echo)
  8. Наследие (Heritage)

Руины вечности (Ruins of Eternity) “Шёпот забытых холмов (The Whisper of Forgotten Hills)” was released via Satanah Records.

Watch “Танк (Tank)”  official video here: