10 Things To Know Before Purchasing Electric Guitar

Buying an electric guitar can be confusing for many people. As there are plenty of options available in every price range, it becomes challenging to buy an electric guitar. Price, body type, electronics, and sound quality are some things to consider.

Looks of the guitar

Although many people would not agree, the looks of the guitar matters for guitar lovers. Most guitar lovers like to grab an eye-catching instrument that appeals to them the most. A cool looking device will inspire anyone to play more than an ugly looking with good sound. Not for all, but for many people, looks are the first thing they notice about a guitar. As an electric guitar is expensive, nobody wants to buy an ugly looking guitar.

Play it unplugged

It is good to play the guitar unplugged, before plugging it in the amplifier. You should test its acoustic properties and play some open chords and single-note lines. The guitar should have a loud and lively sound. Never buy an electric guitar with a too low tone that is not audible.

Fretboard and neck

Hold the neck firmly with the fretboard in your hand. Then run the fingers up and down the fretboard. The frets should not be hard or rough and feel smooth on your hand. There should be no rough edges, and the contour of the neck should fit comfortably in your hand. If the fretboard and neck do not feel comfortable while you hold the guitar, you should not buy it.

Body Type

There are three body types of electric guitars – solid body, the hollow body, and the semi-hollow body.


The solid-body type is the most common type of electric guitar available. These guitars range from simple to single pick-up to multi pick-up and designer options. The solid-body produces low resonance than the hollow body guitars. The types of wood used in the production of guitars have a significant impact on the sound.

Hollow Body

The hollow body types are similar to the acoustic guitars and produce more resonance than the solid body guitars. They have an archtop and produce a full, rich tone with deep bass. People who want to play their guitar should consider buying a hollow body type instrument.

Semi-Hollow Body

The semi hollow-body guitars have a solid wood center block for stability and control on feedback. The rest of the body is hollow like a hollow body guitar. Many guitarists like the semi-hollow guitar due to the warmth and more sustain and attack of the solid center block.

Pick up and electronics

In addition to body style and type, the pickup and electronics play a vital role in the sound quality of an electric guitar. The basic pick design consists of a single-coil and a magnet with a fine wire wrapping. The single-coil pickups produce a bright and crisp sound that is also prone to generate hum. The sound of these pickups is also likely to magnetic interference. Most of the great guitarists prefer playing electric guitars that come with single-coil pickups.

Humbucker pickups

These pickups are better than single-coil pickups in terms of hum and tonal characteristics. They are designed to reduce the humming effect, hence the name humbuckers. They produce a thick, loud, and more powerful sound than the single coils. The humbucker picks up coils are more suitable for rock, metal, and jazz style music.

Active pickup and Electronics

Some electric guitars have active pickups that work on batteries. They have an inbuilt amp to amplify and modify the sound. Active electronics in electric guitars come with filters and features for equalization for enhanced sound control. The output is higher than those of magnetic pickups, and they produce a cleaner and clear sound.

Scale Length

The scale length is the length of strings that vibrates to produce sound. If the scale length is long, it creates a bright shimmer and well defined low end. On the other hand, the short scale length produces less tension and easy bending of strings. The guitars with short string length are easy to play for people with small hands.

Neck Construction

The neck of a guitar is also important to consider while buying. The bolt-on necks are cost-effective and produce less overall resonance and sustain. Another type is set-necks that are more stable and offer better sustain and resonance than bolt-on necks. The neck-through guitars have a laminated neck that extends throughout the length of its body. The sustain and resonance are ever more than the bolt-on and set-neck types.

Final Words

These are some things you must know before buying an electric guitar. People living in and around Melbourne can find all types of electric guitars in guitar store Melbourne. People in other locations can find a guitar store or do some research and search online. Considering the things in this article can help beginners and professionals to buy the right electric guitar.