10,000 Years – III Review

A very interesting album with some absorbing and fascinating music. In this very particular case when I say interesting is because the band exceeded my expectations in terms of music variation. For instance, my dear fan can have a whole idea of all the variations the album gos through album opener “Cult Axe” goes completely different from grand finale “To Suns Beyond” in everything my child of the night might think about. In fact, both tracks sound as if they were from two different bands. While the first sounds a little thrashy with a Black Sabbath’s toned guitar, the latter sounds ethereal and some kind of Space Rock or from an Atmospheric Black Metal band. To some extent, “Cult Axe” gives the tone to the album. What 10,000 Years do here is some kind of Doom Thrash Metal if this term do exist. The known breaks here sound too Doom Metal to the Thrash Metal band I suppose 10,000 Years aren’t. A kind of more ethereal and faster Black Sabbath, if I may.

The kind of mix 10,000 Years do here is very unusual – I mean, as far as Im concerned. The kind of unusual I usually like. It’s interesting when a band starts to play with Metal styles combining them into something unique. It’s a pretty hard thing to have today when bands seem to be grounded with only one Metal atyle. “Megafauna,” for instance, has the speed and vocals of Thrash Metal with the overdriven guitars from the 1970s. As I spoke of Black Sabbath, “Desert of Madness” is the living proof of my idea of a Black Thrash Sabbath. The track has the sonancy of early Black Sabbath albums with a guitar riffing that reminds “Children of the Grave.” Or the moody cadence of “Desert of Madness” whose vocals and guitar riffing are more doomy than the other tracks. My guess, to be totally fair with 10,000 Years, is to say that they could be considered as a Atmospheric Black Metal or even post-Black Metal. I might be right, I might be wrong. Who knows? Ergo, I wouldn’t dare.

Alrighty, here we’ve got an album that totally called my attention. Different, pungent, moody, overdriven guitars, acid and harsh vocals. The kind of album to tell all your friends that “Hey! Take a look what I’ve got here.” An album that surprises from the beginning and keeps surprising the fan until its grand finale.

10,000 Years “III” will be released on June 24th via Interstellar Smoke Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Cult Axe
  2. Megafauna
  3. Desert of Madness
  4. The Secret of Water
  5. The Green King Rises
  6. Il Cattivo
  7. Escape from Earth
  8. To Suns Beyond