-(16)- – Lifespan of a Moth

lifespan_3000  When I imagine sludge metal bands like Eyehategod and Lord Dying are but two that come to mind particularly because of their refined, yet extremely raw, sounds that come together so magnificently well in the end. But as with most things, I didn’t see this coming by any means whatsoever, and by that I mean there’s no way you could’ve prepared me for the excellence that is within -(16)-‘s upcoming album, “Lifespan of a Moth”. I’m the kind of guy that makes the leap in assuming the quality of the cover art tells of how good the music itself is, but like many other times I’m proven wrong and this time it was by this killer album. From start to finish, “Lifespan of a Moth” is by all means necessary a shocker because in no way could you see the overwhelming heaviness coming from this band you’ve probably never heard of before, and that’s not all because in all forty plus minutes of this eight track album you’re subjected to very high quality levels of sludge metal the likes of which we don’t see very often, and it’s ever so delicious every single f**king time. But then again what could you expect a band that’s being going at for damn near 25 years – oh, did I forget to mention that? Silly me, but I digress! The point is that -(16)- has been around long enough to where they have clearly mastered their craft and achieved the awesome sound that bands that have been around even longer than these guys fail to get even close to. “Lifespan of a Moth” front to back is one hell of an album that kicks all the ass possible. If there were ever to be a sludge album that I could not help but suggest to anyone who asks for anything from the genre, then I’ve no choice but to recommend “Lifespan of a Moth” one hundred f**king percent.

“Lifespan of a Moth” releases on July 15th! You can pre-order the album via iTunes here and stream two tracks off the album on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Landloper
  2. Peaches, Cream and the Placenta
  3. The Morphinist
  4. The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart
  5. Gallows Humor
  6. Secrets of the Curmudgeon
  7. Pastor in a Coma
  8. George