CROWHILL TALES Released ‘If I Were A Crow’

Ever since its founding, CROWHILL TALES have been thriving to create a unique and own style using Thrash/ Death/ Doom metal as base, meanwhile implementing atmospheric acoustic parts as well to make it more vivid.

“Before Birth,” the first result of this hybrid music was released March 1st 2013.

After this album, changes were made regarding the band. The lineup that made the EP fell apart. Gerome (vocals) and Zoltan (Bass) decided to leave the band, soon Gergő (Drum) followed their example as well.

Luckily we could find the right people for every position, who brought new energy and color with them, thus the band resurrected as an able and active formation.

After many member changes the final lineup of CROWNHILL TALES are: ALEX Zákány (Vocals), NORBERT Hegedűs (Guitars), PÉTER Losonczi (Guitars), PÉTER Fazekas (Bass), JÓZSEF Gáva (Drums).


Line up:

Alex Zákány – Voice

Norbert Hegedűs – Guitars

Péter Losonczi – Guitars

Péter Fazekas – Bass

József Gáva – Drums

The very first introduction of the new formation was the song “Shattered Harmony,” which forecasted well what is expected from the to-be-released 2018 album.

“IF I WERE A CROW,” the soon-to-be-released album will be a collection of the greatest hits from the recent years. Our only goal after the success of this well-made album is to spread its news to as many places as possible and to attack the stages of clubs with our music.

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