3 rock themed online slots you should definitely try


Music has inspired generations throughout history, and big names in the past decades have become legends of their time or of the music itself.

Some of the music genres have defined this industry, made millions – if not billions – of fans along the years in the entire world, and drove this phenomenon even more. One example is of course the rock music, which has brought some of the biggest and iconic names on the live stages in the past many decades.

Rock has inspired a way of life, it revolutionized not only music, but other industries such as clothing and entertainment in many forms, and influenced the way many people think and act.

From movies to online video games and slots, rock music can be found in many forms. For example, if you look into an offer of casino games, there will be for sure the name of a rock singer, band or group among the slots that can be played there.

And that because the metal music gets the heart pumping and contributes to the overall experience in the online casinos. It brings back the times when you were at a concert, listening to the radio, playing the guitar, or just singing the song.

With all these being said, there are some rock themed online slots which you should definitely try, and they all come with some impressive soundtracks from the legendary bands they get the names.

Here are three of these slots:

Guns N’ Roses

Launched by NetEnt, the Guns N’ Roses slot is one of the most famous in this matter. You can experience some thrilling graphics and some songs that will surely remind you the best years of the band.

The game features a playlist with some of the most famous songs of the band: “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, which became the first ‘80s music video to hit one billion YouTube views, “Paradise City”, which was ranked as the best Guns N’ Roses song, “November Rain”, and “Welcome to the Jungle”.

The slot took over a year to develop and has an RTP of almost 97%. The game has many special features, including a standards wild symbol, which is the band’s logo. It consists of five reels, three rows, and 20 fixed paylines. 

Guns N’ Roses by NetEnt received the “Game of the Year” award in 2016, at the EGR Operator Awards.


Another great slot from NetEnt is Motorhead. This game will bring you some of the greatest songs from the band.

The slot comes with a great feature, “Rock Mode”, which will ensure that you get the band’s music as you spin the reels. The players can also enjoy the virtual stage on which the band is performing.

Some of the symbols of the games are silver bells, gold stars, cherries and red number sevens, and there is also a Mystery Reel feature. The highest paying symbol during the standard play is Lemmy, which rewards 150x.

The game has five reels, an impressive 76 paylines, and an RTP similar to that of Guns ‘N Roses, of just under 97%. Last, but not least, you will definitely enjoy the “Ace of Spades” song and felling, while playing this online slot.


If you recognize and love the face paint, then you definitely are in for a fun with this slot. Every time you spin the reels, you can listen and see actual video clips of some of the most famous KISS songs and best concerts.

The icons appearing on the reels include images of the band members, a guitar and a plectrum. The game features also great graphics (with flames!), that will give you the feeling of a true live concert.

The slot has five reels, 12 rows, 100 paylines, Colossal reels, and a feature icon which comes in the form of the KISS logo. The RTP of the game is almost 96%.