4 Fun Facts About Metal Musicians You Didn’t Know

What started as ordinary music has grown into multiple genres over the years. Metal music is one of the latest genres identified with its loud and extreme instrumentation. It has a foundation in rhythmic technical rock but comes with fast drumming, distorted guitar, and dark lyrics. Each band then pushes it further to incorporate a unique style.

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Some of the frontrunners of this genre include Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath. Such bands Iron Maiden and Judas Priest have continued to reinvent as well as popularize the genre. The music has been accepted in multiple countries including China where it is played in their native language. Here are fun facts that will blow your mind about metal musicians.

1. James Hetfield has built a car that can survive earthquakes and nuclear bombs

James is famous as a leading member of the Metallica band. He was born in August 1963 and is one of the co-founders of Metallica. He is a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band. He also doubles as the main songwriter for the band. All these qualities depict an artist with his acts together. He will occasionally perform as a solo artist and lead guitarist for his band. Can I get a pro to take my quiz while I enjoy the beautiful metal music on campus? Writing services help you to relax and take on other activities without worrying about homework.

James co-founded the band after responding to a newspaper ad by Lars Urlich who was a drummer. They met in Los Angeles in 1981 and set off on a journey that would see them win 9 Grammy Awards, release ten studio-recorded albums and three that were recorded live. They also have 24 singles and 4 extended plays. Because of his exploits on the guitar, he was ranked 8th Greatest Metal Guitarist of all time.

James teamed up with a friend Ricks Dore Kustoms to build a car that can survive an earthquake and even a nuclear bomb. They were inspired by the hand to create the aluminum body. The vehicle was fabricated by Marcel’s Metal of California.

2. Matt Barlow started as a policeman, then returned during the 9/11 attack

Matt Barlow was born in 1971 and has made his name singing with such bands as Pyramaze, Iced Earth, and Ashes of Ares. He appears in Burnt Offering released in 1995. While he loved the fantasy world of metal rock, he wanted to contribute something to the real world. He left the band to rejoin the police in 2003 inspired by the 9/11 attack. He worked for 4 years in the department then returned to metal music in 2007.

3. Mike Mangini is a medical software developer as well

Mike is an example of people living both extremes of life and achieving greatness in all. He was born in 1963 and works as a drummer for Dream Theater. He has set 5 World’s Fastest Drumming Records between 2002 and 2005. Away from the drums, he graduated from Bentley University with a Computer Science Major. Mike has worked on the software that is helping scientists to understand the connection between the brain and the body. It appears he spends his quiet time doing more than drumming for humanity.

4. Bruce Dickinson is a pilot

Bruce was born in 1958 and has remained the lead singer for Iron Maiden Band since 1981. He has an impressive vocal style and a commanding stage presence. However, he will fly you anywhere you want since he has a commercial pilot license. He sometimes flies the band to concerts in different parts of the world.

Metal Music bands come together in very unique circumstances. While many excel on stage, they have private lives that are equally impressive. It is interesting to see the artists impacting the lives of their fans and communities beyond metal music.