4 Heavy Metal Greats Past and Present with a Love of Gambling


If there is one thing that can be said about metalheads it would be that when they love, they love! It seems like everything that they do, they do with a passion. That’s probably what makes them great musicians. When it comes to gambling, there are certain games they love and others they’ll play but always all in good fun rather than feeding a habit.

Music is the habit. Gambling is a hobby they enjoy and something they are willing to talk about. Let’s check out what we know about these four Heavy Metal greats, past and present. Some have gone and some remain but the one thing we will always remember is the passion they express in everything they do – or did, as the case may be.

1. The Late Great Lemmy Kilmister Goes on Spinning

As a founding member of Motorhead and the bassist frontman, Lemmy never denied just how much he enjoyed gambling. In fact, Ace of Spades was not only one of their bestselling hits, it also was the epitome of all his gambling metaphors. The opening words say it all. “If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man,” and it goes on from there. “You win some you lose some…” and that is the story of what gambling is and should be.

It should never be an obsession like a metalhead’s music but rather a fun thing to do when you don’t obsess over it. Isn’t that life? You win some. You lose some. It doesn’t get more real than that. However, what many people don’t know is that poker wasn’t his game. Lemmy loved a spin of the wheel and kept at it until his demise in 2015 at 70 years of age.

2. The Kiss of Ace Frehley

As an amazingly talented guitarist and founding member of one of the early Metal bands, KISS, Ace Frehley isn’t really Ace Frehley! That also appears to be more than his stage moniker because Paul Daniel, Ace Frehley, has a love of poker. He has played in several tournaments, the most notable being the VH1 Celebrity Rock and Roll Tournament. 

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3. Scott Ian and His Two Great Passions

One of the things that always bothered this avid poker player is that it was often difficult to hit the casinos when on tour with Anthrax. Scott has often discussed his love of the game and would lament the times he couldn’t get a seat at the table, probably because there was no table at his hotel in a new city every night!

Now that there are online casinos legal in much of the free world, players no longer must hide behind a VPN. Scott can now play at home, on the road, and even when in quarantine. No, not from Anthrax but from Covid. In fact, that’s one of the reasons so many Metalheads resented being placed on restrictions. How would they get in a bit of gaming if they were ordered to stay shut in? How would they find the nearest Anthrax gig when restrictions mandated no large public gatherings, especially not Metal concerts that packed fans in shoulder to shoulder?

4. Did Godsmack Sully Erna?

If God really did smack Sully Erna, it was with an amazing gift for both music and poker. Sully is reputed to be one of the most talented vocalists within the Heavy Metal genre and is equally as talented in poker. Sully has won prizes and awards in many tournaments, including the World Series of Poker. Although the vocals of Sully Erna do not fit the traditional mould of what would be considered great vocals, it is the passion he expresses as he sings.

In the same way as Ace Frehley and Scott Ian find ways to play their favourite casino game, poker, when on the road, most fans really believe this Metal singer also enjoys making the rounds of online casinos. After all, he is so passionate about the game he enters tournaments and has been skilled at winning a prize or two or a dozen.

What Is It About Heavy Metal and Casinos?

If ever there was a genre that could be compared in any way to the glitz of casinos, it would be Heavy Metal. Music historians and critics alike have said that Metal can trace its origins back to the early days of Acid Rock and psychedelic lights flashing intensely as fans swayed to the sounds of those early rockers. Have you ever seen a casino that didn’t have strobing lights calling passers-by in for a bit of fun and entertainment?

In addition, even the fact that most casinos have high-power shows rivalling only Broadway smacks of the era of psychedelic dreams that carried many a dreamer up, up, and away. There are no other show districts that can hold a candle to the casinos on the Vegas strip. Is there any wonder why stars like the fab four above, no not the Beatles but these amazingly talented Metalheads, are also extremely talented poker players?

Online casinos offer the same excitement in the game and in the wagers but without all the encumbrances of fans spotting these celebs as they make their way to the tables. Playing in cyberspace offers these ultra-famous rockers a chance to live life in the background while they place a bet or two on the table. These Heavy Metal greats are just a few of the most visible musicians past and present who are just as passionate about the game as they are their music. Do you ever wonder just how much these rockers have won and lost over the years? In the end, no one says it better than the late, great, Lemmy Kilmister. “You win some. You lose some.”