5 Benefits to Owning a Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone

Using a microphone makes it easier to address many people that are gathered together. Since a microphone is designed to amplify your voice, you don’t have to shout at the top of your lungs. When shopping for microphone, you have the privilege of choosing between wired and wireless. In fact, most people are ditching the former models for the latter. Just like the name suggests, a wireless microphone comes without a cable for connecting it to the receiver. This is because it pairs with the receiver via radio waves (commonly known as UHF and VHF). Here is a list of reasons why a wireless microphone is much better than the cabled type.

1. Saves you Money

The most notable benefit of investing in a wireless microphone like those that are reviewed at multitrackmaster.com, is that it can serve you for many years. This is because it doesn’t wear out faster like the wired type. As long as you keep replacing the batteries after every few months, you can be sure that the microphone will rise to the occasion whenever the need arises. Anyone that has ever used the cabled type will tell you that you have to keep inspecting the cable of a wired microphone because they are vulnerable to flaring, especially when used in a high traffic area. And since you may not be the one fixing such issues, you might have to hire a sound technician, which in return comes at a cost.

2. Freedom of Movement

Whether you are an artist, a preacher or a motivational speaker, you definitely want to mingle with your audience as you pull various stunts just to woo them. But that’s not possible with a cabled microphone. This is because the cable is usually short, meaning you might cut the wire if you try going beyond the length of the cable. With a wireless microphone, you can go the farthest as possible from the podium and still remain audible to the audience. The good thing is that quality of sound will remain the same as the microphone relies on radio waves.

3. No Tangling of Cables

Walking around with a wired cable means the wires will get on your way more often. This can be a messy situation especially when several artists are performing at the same time. The problem is that trying to untangle the wires will cause the audience to lose focus on your performance. The other problem is that tangling wires can trigger accidental falls. In addition to that, you might damage the microphone unknowingly by pulling the wires. As long as you are holding a wireless microphone in your hand, you can be sure there is nothing else that can stop you.

4. Noise Cancellation

The sound quality of a cable microphone can never be guaranteed. This is due to the fact that it can easily get distorted by signals from other devices and result in a fade out. Picture this. A cable network usually comprises of many wires for different systems. When transmissions from these other networks clash with the microphone that you are using, your voice gets lost there in between. But with wireless system, interference from external sources is not possible.

5. Looks Professional

Now imagine yourself hosting a live interview with a wired microphone. It really looks old school. This is because both of you have to put the microphone close to your mouth. But with a wireless microphone, you can even record a conversation discreetly by tucking the mouthpiece on the clothes of each speaker, which allows them to express themselves much better by using gestures.