5 Metal Artists to Follow on Instagram

Any type of business or gig has a place when it comes to social media platforms. Instagram is particularly great for comedians, bands, and more. With things like reels, stories, and plenty of postable solutions, one can be seen and heard in ways that they’ve never been able to before. 

Think bands, musicians, and even heavy metal artists all have a place in this world. It’s a great place to be discovered, to let your artistry be seen and heard, and to simply get out there. 

If you’re a fan of metal artists, there are a variety of great bands and singers out there to choose from. If you’re a beginning artist yourself, you can reference some of these accounts to help you find inspiration for success. 

You can pair up with techniques these popular artists use and even buy Instagram followers that you can use to give you a boost because likes and followers that you get for $1 are pretty awe-inspiring when you just need some help moving things along. 

Check out these 5 must-see metal artists and learn a bit more about building your own strategy.

Jill Janus

@jjhuntress – Jill Janus

Jill Janus is representing the female metal population quite well. She has built her own style in the metal industry and has certainly caught the eye of many. She shares not only music but also her personality and life with fans, bringing some reality to the world of metal and music. 

She shares fun and creative photos and is totally herself in every single post that she makes. That’s how you do it right and really attract people to you. It’s not just metal-focused but rather lifestyle and real-world on top of that.

Colin Young

@colinyevng – Colin Young

If you want someone to share their metal artistic talent but also give you some good laughs, Colin Young is your guy. He is all about making the world laugh. He does some crazy things on this Instagram, but he draws you in and will keep you guessing at what silly things he does next. 

Colin tends to focus more on reels and stories, but he does share stories and other things as well. You can get to know him and his talent just a little bit, and over time, you become a part of his own strange world. Spoiler alert – you love that strange world!

Jessica Pimentel

@thecrusher007 – Jessica Pimentel 

Here’s another female taking the stage and rocking out. Jessica actually primarily made her claim to fame through the TV show Orange Is the New Black. She has an acting career but also has an impressive musical selection that you won’t want to miss. 

Jessica takes metal artistry to a whole new level, and she is killing it in New York. She attracts not just metal lovers but also Buddhist or spiritual entrepreneurs as that is her following of choice. She is fun, inspirational, and incredibly interesting as well. 
Any new post that she makes might get up to 10,000 likes and sometimes more.

Dez Fafara

@dezfafara – Dez Fafara

If you don’t get to know behind the scenes of people in the metal industry, you simply assume that their songs are hardcore or doom and gloom. But the truth is that isn’t really the case. When you dig down into the lyrics, you find most of them to be about life and perhaps overcoming life challenges even. Much like any music genre, it has its unique points. 

Dez Fafara is all about positivity, and he does it with his heavy metal vibe. Dez is known for being positive, inspirational, and an all-around good and interesting guy. He is known for sharing quotes and inspiration that are all about positive vibes

Oozing Wound

@oozing dude – Oozing Wound

This metal band has really got unique down to a science, and they are one you won’t want to miss. We all love a great meme, and that’s the quality that makes these guys stand out. They share their awesome musical talents, but they also share a lot of humor, laughs, and real life as well. 

They do use their Instagram to take a hard focus on their music. However, they are also popular for having the talent when it comes to creating memes. They have some cool ones. Their music is an attraction factor, but you will find that you just enjoy seeing their other stuff on the regular too.

Using Your Instagram to Boost Metal Artistry

So how do all these people and bands make it big on IG? Ultimately, it’s all about gathering a following. That takes time, but there are some tricks that you can use to help as well. Notice that each of these we shared is really unique. 

One makes memes, the other is all about personal humor and comedy. Then there is the guy that is an inspiration and the ladies who know how to draw people in with lifestyle and artistic entertainment. None of them have the exact same approach, and that’s your first clue as to how to be successful with this avenue. 

Take a look at some of these additional tips. 

Consistent and Then Consistent More

One of the key ways to really attract people is to just be consistent. It’s going to take time to build a name for yourself out there. If you’ve already established a bit of a following that can be helpful, but you really need to focus on growing in a designated platform. 

You do that through consistency. Whatever style you choose to use with your social approach, just be sure you’re doing so consistently and reliably for the people coming to see just what you have to offer. 

Hashtags and Keywords

Even Instagram requires some SEO optimization. They have hashtags, which are a great way to find content or make yourself more visible. Find some really awesome hashtags to grab onto and take advantage of this feature. Many people find new things by searching hashtags, so make yourself findable in this way. 

For a metal artist, you might start with some things like

  • #metal
  • #metalhead
  • #metalgirls
  • #metalcore

That’s great. You certainly want some industry relations. However, you also want to build on that, and those selections could vary depending on your content and style. 

Take Time to Do it Right

Many times, the key to success with Instagram is to figure out how to be seen by the algorithm. This requires using the tools available like filters, reels, stories, and posts. It also includes learning how to make your captions high-quality, your photos great, and your hashtags amazing. 

Learn what times are peak hours and focus on those times as that is when you are most likely to be seen. 

Take the time to do some research, look at the analytics, and tweak things when you need to. It’s active consistency and effort that will help you get it right in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram has a place for every person and every genre in an industry. Metal artists can make it big here, just like country and pop artists can. It’s all about finding your style and using that style to attract people to you. 

As always, be yourself and just stick with it. Hard work pays off.