5 Times You’ll Want To Listen To Metal Music

Metal Concert

Metal music may not be for everyone, but research shows it is actually extremely popular. You can listen to metal whether you’re a teenager just coming into your own, or reaching retirement age and planning to move into an assisted living community! The great thing about music of all genres is that it is for everybody. Even if you think metal isn’t your favorite, there are definitely times it is the most fitting choice. Here are 5 times you’ll want to listen to metal music.

In Traffic

Sitting in your car in rush hour traffic is a great time to listen to music, but not just any type! Metal music is a great choice because traffic can put you into a really bad mood and metal can help with that. Also, if other cars hear it coming from your car they will know not to mess with you.

Working Out

Working out is another example of a time when metal is great to listen to. You need something loud and exciting to really get you motivated to work harder and faster! It is also good to have a little bit of rage inside you when you’re exercising to help get your heart rate up and make your workout more effective. So next time you’re at the gym, on a run, or just doing an at home workout, be sure to put some metal into your playlist.

After Work

If your job is stressful or you just dislike it in general, after work it may take you a little time to wind down and relax. You also may have some pent up anger from your job immediately after clocking out, which makes it the perfect time to listen to metal! Turn it on nice and loud and if your spouse or housemates complain, tell them you had a long day at work and you are just engaging in some much deserved self care. 


Another great time to listen to all sorts of music is while you’re cooking. Metal is a good choice too because it can raise endorphins and really put you into a good mood, which is great for spending time in your kitchen. If you’re listening to a really good album, you may even decide to stick around and do all the dishes! 


Much like cooking or working out, cleaning can sometimes be seen as a chore you don’t necessarily want to do. But if you make it more fun by turning on some great metal tunes, you might actually start to look forward to your weekly cleaning sessions!  

Metal can be a great choice of music for so many different circumstances! Just refer to this list to see for yourself.