5FDP’s Ivan Moody Decides To Run Against Kanye West For Biggest Douchebag In The Music Industry Title


If there are two things I abhor equally, they are Kanye West and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. I can’t stand either of them, but at least I can respect Kanye as a producer and his keen ear for detail. After 5 0r 6 albums, 5FDP keeps recording the same songs and just changing lyrics.

A few days ago Ivan “the terrible (vocalist)” Moody decided that he just hated Kanye at the end of a show, bashed 12 year olds, and made himself look like an even bigger r*tard than the music he puts out ever could. Could he be mad that Kanye outsells him by a very huge margin? Could he be upset that the only way he can get any press at all is to act f*cking stupid and say dumb sh*t that makes no sense at all, like most of his songs? I think he wants the title of biggest dumbass that ever spoke into a microphone and he won’t win that either I’m afraid due to the fact that Kanye still says more dumb sh*t more often. Hey, it was worth a shot… Check the melee bellow.