61 People Spent Their Weekend Trapped With OASIS Cover Band Because Of Snowstorm

Tan Hill Inn

The OASIS tribute band NOASIS and the audience who watched their performance on Friday night (November 26) at the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire, England, were trapped inside the pub for three nights due to a severe snowstorm, The New York Times reports.

At least 61 people wound up stranded at the Tan Hill Inn, though that number has since dwindled to about 50. (Off-roaders were able to help some parents return to their children, while a mountain rescue group aided a man who needed medical treatment for an “ongoing condition.”)

NOASIS offered an update on the situation Monday morning, writing on Facebook, “The roads are still very icy and the main road is still shut, it’s not gritted or ploughed yet as those vehicles have to get past the downed power lines. No way we are leaving here until at least late afternoon they say — if at all today!”

Tan Hill Inn owner Mike Kenny told the Manchester Evening News: “We recommended anyone in the pub to stay out rather than endanger life on the snow covered moors.

“No one is going anywhere yet. The police advised we all stay out for now. Our snowplough is snowed in!”