7 Modern Metal Bands You Need To Hear


The metal music genre is wide-reaching with numerous new bands emerging daily. Whether it’s heavy metal, sludge, black metal or any other sub-category, it remains hugely popular among today’s music lovers. As a metal head, there’s that feeling that comes with stumbling across a little known band which is worth listening to. In light of this, here are bands you may never have heard of.

1. Deafheaven

Deafheaven is an American metal band originating from San Francisco. It started with two singers, namely Kerry McCoy and George Clarke in 2010. Thereafter, new members were added up to the nine they are today. Some of their most popular songs include Vertigo, Honeycomb, Dream House and The Pecan Tree.

2. Ghost

Ghost Hunter's Moon

Ghost is a metal music band that originates from Linköping, Sweden. It was formed in 2006 and consists of seven members including Tobias Forge, Papa Nihil and Megan Thomas. The band is renowned for its eccentric stage performances and songs that glorify the disgusting. The songs include Square Hammer, Zombie Queen and Monstrance Clock.

3. Decrepit Birth

Formed in 2001, Decrepit Birth is a band from Santa Cruz, California. It is currently made up of 6 members including vocalist Bill Robinson and guitarist Matt Sotelo. So far, the band has released six death metal albums. They include songs like Metatron, Solar Impulse and The Resonance.

4. Epica

Originating from Reuver Netherlands, Epica is a band that creates symphonic metal music. It was founded in 2002 by Mark Jansen but now consists of six members including Simone Simons and Isaac Delahaye. Some of Epica’s songs include Cry for the Moon, Victims of Contingency and Beyond the Matrix.

5. Infernal Coil

This is a metal band that originates from Idaho, USA. Formed in 2014, it’s made up of three members, namely Blake Connally, Brennan Butler and Ben Mast. The band specializes in creating hard, grindcore metal music. Its songs include Wounds Never Close, 49 Suns and Our Punishment.

6. In the Silence

In the Silence is a metal and rock band based in California, USA. Formed in 2008, its singers are renowned for their impressive mid-tone vocals and thunderous metal percussion skills. Furthermore, the band has also released popular songs such as Finna Say, Hall of Mirrors and Breeze of Mystery.

7. Trivium

Matt Heafy

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Metal music has been popular for very many years and still clicks with music fans to date. Although there are some music bands that often top the Billboard charts, others stay out of the limelight but still make good music. The aforementioned are some of the most underrated modern metal bands that are worth listening to. Other notable mentions include Outer Heaven, Destruction Unit, Heron Oblivion and Tomb Mold.