7 Reasons Why Musicians Should Use The Cloud For Storing Music

  • Are you a musician that is looking to get a new cloud storage solution to store all your music files?
  • Do you know what are some reasons why you should be using cloud storage for all your music creation?
  • Have you looked at cloud solutions only to find them very expensive and too complicated for your understanding?

Being a musician or in a band is very similar to running your own business. Your ‘music’ is the end product and you are trying to sell the same. You might be performing on tours, or using Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music to promote yourself.

Gone are the days when musicians and bands would record anything on discs, CDs, or pen drives. In the modern era dominated by digital technology, storing music has become both easy as well as complicated.

Easy, because you have the option of using Managed Cloud Servers that can be accessed from any part of the world. Complicated because everyone does not have the technical know-how to use software and tools.

In this article, we are going to look at the former- Managed Cloud Servers. Specifically, we are going to look at seven reasons why musicians should use the cloud for storing music.

List of 7 Reasons why Musicians should use the Cloud for Storing Music

Creating a Back-Up of all your Music Recordings

Remember the time when you had to manually sit down for hours and get everything copied on a CD or a DVD? The process would take ages and would end up compromising the final output. Not anymore. There is a faster, simpler, and friendly alternative that is present to musicians. Using the Cloud can help you back up your recordings in real-time in a jiffy!

Accessing your Music Files on the go

You do not need to worry about carrying your music CDs while on tour. By storing your music on the cloud, you can gain access to it from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection, your login credentials, and a computer/laptop to access the same. This is great for musicians who are traveling from concerts to recording studios to tours. You get everything in one place.

Saves the Cumbersome nature of Maintaining and Storing Physical Files

We have all been through a stage where we have ended up misplacing a CD or a hard drive. For a musician that might have cost them hours of hard work and maybe a piece of great music. By using the cloud, you do not have to worry about being particular about knowing where your files are. This means there are zero chances of misplacing any of your music files ever.

Sharing Music Files with Producers and for Collaboration Purposes

Imagine you are on tour and a great new exciting opportunity has come up. a producer wants to hear the music and sign you up. However, you are in a different city or country even. If you have the cloud, you can share with them the music files then and there. If the producer wants to edit something, they can easily access the files and collaborate with you on the cloud.

Builds Discipline, Regularity, and Proper Schedule for your Music

One major criticism that musicians have is not being able to maintain a schedule. In other words, rehearsals become a major pain point. With the cloud, you can automatically sync the calendar and share the rehearsal plans of the day with your troops. This will allow everyone to know what they have to do for the day and ensure that there are no problems in regular practice.

A Safe, Secure, and Protected way to store Music Files

There have been a number of cases where budding musicians have faced theft and felony. Many corrupt individuals have taken physical storage devices and stolen their music. With the cloud, musicians do not have to worry about this problem. They can establish their digital ownership and can claim the same in a lawsuit in any court of law. This is a major benefit of using the cloud.

Promotion, Branding, and Marketing becomes very easy

Musicians can create playlists of their songs, right on the cloud storage and share the same with journalists. If they want to promote on an online platform, they can create a separate folder and share the same from anywhere they want. This makes it ridiculously easy to promote the musician and their band. This helps in amplification on online platforms, podcasts, and more.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have looked at seven major reasons why musicians should be using managed cloud servers. Using them is affordable and simple. You do not need to possess a lot of technical skills and knowledge to store your music on the cloud. If you have any other questions, you would like us to answer on cloud storage, let us know in the comments below.