8 Most Underappreciated Rock and Metal Bands

Rock and metal music is usually a part of all those people’s lives who don’t usually enjoy listening to too much mainstream music. And although the number of young rock and metal listeners has reduced since electronic music became more mainstream, they still have a strong fanbase. In short, rock and metal music are still globally loved, and several bands are still appreciated around the world.

But, even in this niche of music, there is a lot of competition for who gets the most attention and love from the fans. And, because of its decreasing and smaller number of total fans worldwide (as compared to other popular genres), the going can get tough. Because of this factor and a few more, many great bands may not get the recognition they deserve.

But, at the same time, the internet has made leaps and bounds in leveling the playing field for all types of musicians. And because of it, today’s bands can reach out to a lot more people and boost their engagement and fame. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most underappreciated rock and metal bands.

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In no particular order, here are the 8 most underappreciated rock and metal bands.

1) Porcupine Tree (Rock)

Although they have been pretty popular and widespread throughout a few decades, the band is still criminally underrated. This English band was formed by a talented musician named Steven Wilson in the 1980s. What makes them unique is their type of music which many still find hard to define. Their offbeat and catchy tunes went on to inspire generations of artists.

Some of their best albums are Anesthetize (2010), In Absentia (2002), Deadwing (2005), and Fear of a Blank Planet (2007).

2) Gojira (Metal)

Gojira is unique and should be looked at because they have a gift of combining spirituality with metal music. Gojira is an excellent choice for those who enjoy environmentally-conscious lyrics and progressive metal harmonies. This French band began as Godzilla in 1995, with some of their main influences being Metallica and Tool.

Some of their best albums are Terra Incognita (2001), The Link (2003), The Way of All Flesh (2008), and Magma (2016).

3) Steely Dan (Rock)

Steely Dan rose to fame during the blazing rock scene of the nineteen seventies. Since then, their nine studio albums have inspired a large number of musicians across various genres. Their intelligent lyrics, unforgettable melodies, and psychedelic tunes were some of the main reasons that gained them a cult following like none else. Overall, they were a group of dedicated musicians who stopped at nothing to perfect their sounds and tracks.

Some of their best albums are Can’t Buy a Thrill (1972), Countdown to Ecstasy (1973), Pretzel Logic (1974), and Aja (1977).

4) Def Leppard (Metal)

This band brought the bling, punk-ness, and shine to the world of metal music. Def Leppard was formed in the 1970s and quickly went on to ride the new wave of the British heavy metal movement. Their melodic musical styles and scenic performances gave them a slot alongside the best bands during the new wave of British heavy metal in the 1980s.

Some of their best albums are On Through the Night (1980), High ‘n’ Dry (1981), Pyromania (1983), and Adrenalize (1992).

5) Alice In Chains (Rock)

Although many considered Nirvana the frontrunner in the grunge rock scene, Alice in Chains was certainly not far behind. In fact, they were right up there with Nirvana to keep the grunge scene going at full blast. Their leading man, Alice Cooper, used to be an energetic performer back in the day. Some of their songs turned into anthems that powered rebels from all walks of life.

Some of their best albums are Dirt (1992), Facelift (1990), Jar of Flies (1994), and Alice in Chains (1995).

6) Iced Earth (Metal)

The band was formed in the 1980s in the US and has gone through a few name changes since then. 

Their chief lyricist confesses that they are a metal band whose sounds range from everything between Pink Floyd and Slayer. Iced Earth is known to be expansive in terms of its sound selection and style, which makes them a great choice to listen to.

Some of the best albums are Iced Earth (1990), Night of the Stormrider (1991), The Dark Saga (1996), and Horror Show (2001).

7) Deep Purple (Rock)

Although their music has changed over the years, Deep Purple was largely considered one of the pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal. Their single “Smoke on the Water” is so popular that even the most amateur guitarists know how to play it on their guitars.

Some of their best albums are In Rock (1970), Fireball (1971), Machine Head (1972), and Burn (1974).

8) Opeth (Metal)

Opeth rarely toured to promote their first four albums, and this is one of the reasons why they did not receive too much acclamation. But their music has always been phenomenal and unique in the world of metal. They are often known to use a variety of melodies, acoustic sounds, growls, jazz, and blues sounds in their tracks.

Some of their best albums are Orchid (1995), Morning Rise (1996), Blackwater Park (2001), and Damnation (2005).

Kiss band

Some more underappreciated rock and metal bands are – 

  • Testament (Metal) – Best Album – The New Order (1988)
  • Dire Straits (Rock) – Best Album – Brothers in Arms (1985)
  • Opera IX (Metal) – Best Album – Anphisbena (2004)
  • Kreator (Rock) – Best Album – Extreme Aggression (1989)
  • Sabbat (Metal) – Best Album – Dreamweaver (1989)
  • KISS (Rock) – Best Album – KISS (1974)

The Bottom Line

The rock and metal concerts that happen around the world usually attract some of the largest crowds in the live music scene. The right type of rock and metal music can drive a lot of positive energy in people. The trick to finding one’s best bands is constantly exploring new sub-genres within rock and metal. This way, one can not only find the best bands but also discover some new music. In the meantime, the above list should help those looking for some of the best but underappreciated rock and metal bands.