8-Year-Old Girl Covers SEPULTURA’s ‘Roots Bloody Roots’

Girl Covers Sepultura

The O’Keefe Music Foundation have brought us one more metal performance. This time kids are performing SEPULTURA‘s “Roots Bloody Roots.” You can watch the performance below.

Line-up for the this cover was as follows:

Vocals / K8 / Age 8 from Texas
55 Gallon Drum / Sebastian Stephens / Age 9 from Tennessee
Claves / Willa Hillard / Age 10 from Ohio
Rhythm Guitar / Ashton Hall / Age 12 from Tennessee
Shaker / Natalie Vinnage / Age 12 from Ohio
Lead Guitar / Seb Braganza / Age 13 from Pennsylvania
Lead Guitar 2 / Connor Meintel / Age 15 instagram: cmeintel49
Drums / Jacob Wehn / Age 16 from Pennsylvania
Bass / Jonas Miller / Age 17 from Ohio

“Roots Bloody Roots” was released in February 1996 as the lead single from their sixth album Roots. The song is the band’s best known and remains a concert staple to this day, usually being performed on encores. A music video was filmed for the single which features the band performing in a catacomb as well as on the streets with a tribe of percussionists.