A Cat Goes Viral For Resembling FREDDIE MERCURY

Cats Freddie Mercury

There’s a cat who’s gone viral for looking like QUEEN singer Freddie Mercury, and while it’s obviously not the pet of the late frontman, the similarity is undeniable.

Mostaccioli is a cat from California with black and white coloring, and her breed is British Shorthair. Most of her face is black, as well as her ears, she has big green eyes and a black mustache-shaped figure across her nose and above her mouth. And, fittingly, Mostaccioli is Italian for “mustaches.”

You can see a photo of Mostaccioli below.

Mercury was a big fan of cats himself. U.K. publication Express created a gallery of the ones he had during his life, including Delilah, a tortoiseshell who was the singer’s favorite cat and remained by his side when he was bedridden toward the end of his life.