A Cunning Man – To Heal a Broken Body

“To Heal a Broken Body” is an EP with only three songs and about 12 minutes. It is firmly rooted in a recent move inside Metal moviment which is the melodic Metal. Not so recent, I must say, though. Just one more label to create an atmosphere of new ideias. But besides that, A Cunning Man have strong principles, and we must respect that. “To Heal a Broken Body” is very linear to the best and to the worst.

Lirics in “To Heal a Broken Body” are the highlight with a strong celtic storytelling tradition and focus. Though it is not a concept album, lyrics follow a main idea and are very well built, very above average, even for Metal which is a genre that traditionally has lyrics above the expected. The emotional part is taken by the vocals, not by the instrumental. However, it provides a livid constrast as in the beginning of first track “Lemegeton & The Leaden Saviour,” which has the funny fact to make vocalist Ged Cartwright scottish accent stronger. In general recording process vanish away accents. Jazzistic guitar solo is also a highlight in this track due to the estrangement it brings us. “Picatrix & The Calcine Alchemist” starts with a strong guitar riff and a smooth piano. Melodic vocals give the desired melody helped by the lyrical construction to stress melodic parts. A female narrator gives the also desired storytelling atmosphere, which goes through all “To Heal a Broken Body.”

The path previously taken is broken in “Abramelin & The Silver Hand,” which begins with a solo voice and a smooth piano. It is the track with a more prominent drums contrasting with vocals with more emotion. Because of that it is the most art rock one.

A Cunning Man “To Heal a Broken Body” was self-produced, funded, and recorded.

Track Listing:

  1. Lemegeton & The Leaden Saviour
  2. Picatrix & The Calcine Alchemist
  3. Abramelin & The Silver Hand

Watch “Picatrix & The Calcine Alchemist” official lyric video here: