A Feast for Crows – A Chapter Rewritten Review

I really don’t know what is happening to me. Maybe it’s an effect of the aging process. I don’t know. Maybe we get softer and start to accept things we didn’t use to. Or our taste changes. What is really true. On the other hand, maybe it’s a process of working here and having the wondrous opportunity of listening to many fantastic bands. This changes oneself. A Feast for Crows with “A Chapter Rewritten” to a category of Metal music that I admited many times here I really don’t appreciate though I’ve reviewed a few. And for the worst case scenario the band mixes a lot of electronic effects that make its music recalls – argh! – dance music. But wanna know what? I loved it! hahahahahahahahahaha

The thing is that “A Chapter Rewritten” has a lot of Extreme Metal features as the harsh and gutural vocals. That makes a hell of a difference on the outcome. It kind of makes the fan forget or ignore all the rest. The despair vocalist Kilian Steinmann shows is something to write in the stone book of life. All the rage and wraith he passes with his growling go beyond the aforementioned instrumental with the effects. As we’re talking about the instrumentals there are two pretty different things I have to say about them. The first is that intrumentwise A Feast for Crows goes very well. The band is competent and resourceful. A highlight to the drumming that delivers a consistent and powerful pounding. Marco Stowasser hits hard, very hard. But that doesn’t mean he is limited. No, no, no. The guy is resourceful. The other thing is about the effects. I mean, I divide my opinion in two regarding to the effects. First, as I said before, Kilian Steinmann’s voice makes us ignore many of them. That’s a good thing. Second, in tracks as “Miss Bloodred Lips” they make a nice contradiction. The kind of contrast I like appreciate. By the way as I mentioned contrast, if my fan is in the mood, go right to track number 10 “Neverending Rain” and feel the power of Kilian Steinmann’s voice and the neat instrumental. Ah, and with a guitar solo.

A Feast for Crows work pretty well the contrast of the more accessible instrumental with the harsh voice and the outcome is surprising. I got surprised and you my child of the night knows that Modern Metal isn’t really my thing, but I’m humble enough to admit when I find a band that goes beyond its limits. A Feast for Crows do. It’s no overrection to recommend it.

A Feast for Crows “A Chapter Rewritten” was released on January 08th via Imperishable Recordings.

Track Listing:

  1. Prologue
  2. Endless Devour
  3. Insomaniac
  4. Hail Mary
  5. Waste & Filth
  6. Cromwell 25
  7. For(n)ever
  8. The Reckoning
  9. Miss Bloodred Lips
  10. Neverending Rain
  11. The Tale (A Chapter Unwritten)
  12. Epilogue