A FEAST FOR CROWS Rewrite ‘A Chapter Rewritten’

A Feast For Crows started in 2015 as a follow up from a split-up band. New members were found and the first EP “Let the Feast Begin“ and first album were released within the first two years.

In 2018 we changed our singer and released a re-work of the first EP and a year later our second album “Re|Awakening.“ With our latest release “A Chapter Rewritten,“ we set the first step for our up-coming new third album which will be released later this year.  We record, mix, produce, and release our music ourselves and distribute it at our Bandcamp shop (affc.bandcamp.com).

We always stand by ourselves in our music style, as it is a borderless result of various genres.

As a unique feature, we combine heavy music with synthesizers and orchestral elements which can be seen as a sixth member of the band.

This is what makes us special and incomparable to other bands from our generation.

Band Line-up:
Kilian Steinmann – Vocals
Markus Kutschka – Guitar
Martin Hilfer – Guitar
Tim Berend – Bass
Marco Stowasser – Drums

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