A Pale Horse Named Death – Infernum In Terra (Review)

To sit down in any form and take into consideration the modern state of gothic metal, anyone would be remiss to go far without even so much as mentioning A Pale Horse Named Death. Not only involving the reputation that this band has made for themselves in recent years and the work that each of these members has graced our ears with across the many bands they’ve been a part of, but it’s also without question that every new release from this band has been a reason to rejoice with their last full-length, in particular, being something that caught the ears and attention of many. While that’s a rule that many people almost always seem to question in some form or another, the excitement that came with the announcement of “Infernum In Terra” was damn near palpable across a huge swathe of the metal community, and I don’t think it should come as a shock for any of us to hear from me or literally anybody that these eleven tracks are no less than staggering right from the beginning.

As one of the few forms of metal that don’t really rely on its heaviness in order to appeal to its listeners, it’s always been important for any band who attempts to make a claim in the world of gothic metal to make sure that they have an incredibly firm grasp on virtually every other aspect of their performance. Otherwise, the result feels weak or hollow which is an unfortunate circumstance for many in the style, but it’s been since day one that A Pale Horse Named Death has never once been lacking in any category needed in order to make it the ultimate powerhouse of the style that it’s become today. However, it’s with “Infernum In Terra” that I can’t help but feel that this act has really made something that demands to be hailed as not just one of the year’s best, but possibly their greatest work to date and certainly one of the best that the style has seen in recent years. There’s so much to dive into with these massive eleven tracks whether it be internal, sorrowful contemplation, drug-induced visions from beyond reality, or divine punishment the likes of which we’ve never seen before, and it’s throughout all of it that A Pale Horse Named Death manages to constantly and consistently deliver awesome works of riffage and compelling emotion that could touch the very soul of anyone who surrenders themselves to all that this album holds. Add on top of that a tremendous intoxicating level of satisfaction and the very entirety of “Infernum In Terra” is not only a testament to what A Pale Horse Named Death is everything that the macabre world of gothic metal should be able to deliver on at least a semi-regular basis, but that this band is a certifiable legend for the style should anyone not already be at terms with that which stands as a well-agreed fact across many corners of the community.

One listen is not nearly enough to absorb everything that is put on display here as it could’ve been effortless to simply make this a collection of songs slapped together to just make another record, but, rather, “Infernum In Terra” properly rises to the occasion to become an experience as a whole that I cannot help but implore any and all fans of the style to fall into the soonest that they can. This is surely one of those bands that few will need convincing to check out given the cult status they’ve rightfully achieved since their beginnings, but I cannot help but sing of the accomplishments of A Pale Horse Named Death for not to do so would be to spit upon what they’ve brought to the table here for us to bask in front of us humble peons constantly begging for more.

“Infernum In Terra” releases on September 24th via Long Branch Records! You can listen to singles from “Infernum In Terra” on Bandcamp here, and pre-order the album via multiple sources here.

Track Listing:

  1. Infernum
  2. Believe in Something (You Are Lost)
  3. Cast Out From The Sky
  4. Shards of Glass
  5. Lucifer’s Sun
  6. It Is Done
  7. Two Headed Snake (Propofol Dreams)
  8. Slave To The Master
  9. Devil’s Deed
  10. Reflections Of The Dead
  11. Souls In The Abyss