A Public Apology To Studio Drummer Kevin Talley


In a recent article I said that Kevin Talley charged a buck a minute for interviews and called him a douchebag. I did ask for a phone interview and he did ask me to send 30 bucks to his paypal for a thirty minute call, but it wasn’t what I thought it was at all. It was for international long distance charges, not him just trying to charge me 30 bucks to line his pockets. Even if I had an unlimited international calling plan, which I don’t yet, professional musicians don’t give their numbers out to just anybody. I was pissed off because I didn’t understand why he would ask me for money for an interview. Well, it was because it would cost him 30 bucks for a 30 minute call from another country. Now I understand. I took the article down and told him that I was sorry. To that he said “All good bro. but what about all those people that read that article?” Now it looks like I was the douchebag.