A SONIC DYNAMITE of ‘Another World’

Founded in 2013 as a two-man-project by guitarist Lukas Frania and bassist Daniel Rimert, they wrote the first instrumental songs until 2015. A more than suitable singer was found in Tobias Sascha Schmitt who wrote the lyrics and vocal harmonies for those songs. They played their first successful tour through the clubs of Saarland with drummer Timo Steinebach. A first success was the radio airplay with 3 songs. Due to lack of time Timo left band and Niclas Kockler joined in as the new drummer. In 2017 they recorded and released their first 5-Track EP called “We Are the Universe,” all recorded and mixed DIY by Lukas Frania in home studio. After that Lukas left to Berlin and the band was in a kind of stand-by mode due to private priorities. Even if there were no live shows at that time they still had SONIC DYNAMITE in their minds and wrote new music in the background.

After that longer break the fire came back again, so they got together during the first lockdown in March 2020 to write new songs, to revisit all unused ideas and to sort out which will be the strongest ones for the debut album. The first new song was “Another World” which had radio airplay more than one year on Classic Rock Radio in Saarbrücken. Since 2021 they are full on fire on live shows again with new drummer Ingo Schmitz. The new single “Hidden Angel” was released and it was a big hit. It was the winner song for the german HOFA song contest and the right way to show what to expect from SONIC DYNAMITE in 2022. Finally their first full-length record “Another World” was released on 09.12.2022. Produced, recorded and mixed by Lukas Frania all DIY except the mastering by Matthias Schilling in Berlin.
Obviously there were a few reasons to call the album “Another World.” The first new song to start the real album songwriting process was “Another World.”
As the process began back in March 2020 the world had changed. It’s still the same world but now “Another World.”
Last but not least… SONIC DYNAMITE went through a lot of changes over the years. The songwriting core forces stayed the same… Frania/Rimert/Schmitt…but NOW it’s a new world for them…it’s just “Another World”.

Band Line-Up:
Tobias Sascha Schmitt (Vocals)
Lukas Frania (Guitars/Background Vocals)
Daniel Rimert (Bass)
Ingo Schmitz (Drums)


We Are The Universe (EP 2017)
Another World (LP 2022)

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