ABNORMALITY Streams New Album ‘Mechanisms of Omniscience’

Today, Massachusetts-based extreme metal outfit ABNORMALITY has released their sophomore full-length, “MECHANISMS OF OMNISCIENCE“, worldwide via Metal Blade Records! Marrying the ceaseless brutality coming out of New York and New England to the hyper-blasting intensity endemic to Quebecois death metal, “MECHANISMS OF OMNISCIENCE” is as unrelenting as it is passionate, and the album tackles real world issues with intelligence and raw emotion. You can stream entire album below.

Formed in 2005, ABNORMALITY drew its members from the ranks of units such as TERATISM, FORCED ASPHYXIATION, GORATORY and SEXCREMENT, and they have worked patiently and persistently to build up a grassroots following, maintaining their integrity while steadily expanding beyond their local scene. In 2010, they dropped their debut EP, “THE COLLECTIVE CALM IN MORTAL OBLIVION“, which immediately drew attention in the underground, followed by the crushing and critically acclaimed full-length, “CONTAMINATING THE HIVE MIND” (2012), cementing their status as one of the heaviest and most dynamic bands in the genre. Now, with their upcoming sophomore effort, “MECHANISMS OF OMNISCIENCE” – produced once again by Peter Rutcho, and featuring artwork by vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy – the quintet have never been more serious about getting their message out there, as well as ensuring legions of the moshing masses incur whiplash. See below for the official track-listing!

1. Swarm
2. Synthetic Pathogenesis
3. Mechanisms of Omniscience
4. Catalyst of Metamorphosis
5. Vigilant Ignorance
6. Irreversible
7. Hopeless Masses
8. Assimilation
9. Cymatic Hallucinations
10. Consuming Infinity

Read on for some reviews of ABNORMALITY‘s acclaimed new album:

It’s as if Abnormality took all the best elements of modern tech-death, mashed it up with the old school variety, infused it with a sense of groove rarely felt in metal’s more technical corners and created one seething, roaring, fire-breathing death metal beast. If you ever found yourself wishing that Hate Eternal, Origin or something even more frenetic like Brain Drill just slowed their music the f**k down a little bit without sacrificing the brutality, Abnormality are the band for you.” – METALSUCKS.NET

Want blazing speed and chaos wrapped alongside chunky and memorable grooves? ‘Mechanisms of Omniscience’ is just for you. It stays true to its vision of death metal while sneaking in curiously memorable riffs to keep you on your toes and ensuring that you’ll be back for more.” – DEADRHETORIC.COM

‘Mechanisms Of Omniscience’ is Abnormality’s most polished-sounding and dynamic release to date and stands head and shoulders with everything else they’ve released so far.” – NOCLEANSINGING.COM

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