ABYSMAL DAWN Announces Virtual ‘Phylogenesis’ Listening Party On YouTube

Abysmal Dawn
Photo credit: Rodrigo Fredes

Los Angeles’ death metal masters ABYSMAL DAWN will be hosting a worldwide virtual listening party for their new album, Phylogenesis, which will take place today, April 14, @20:00 CEST. All four members of the band will be present for a live Q&A during the stream. Tune in below.

ABYSMAL DAWN comments: “Unfortunately, our listening parties in NYC and Los Angeles had to be cancelled for obvious and understandable reasons. To try and make up for it, we’ll be hosting a live stream of our new album and virtual Q&A with the band on Tuesday. So if you’re going a little stir crazy, let’s listen to some metal and have a bit of fun.”

Phylogenesis track listing:

1. Mundane Existence
2. The Path of The Totalitarian
3. Hedonistic
4. A Speck in The Fabric of Eternity
5. Coerced Evolution
6. True to The Blind
7. Soul-Sick Nation
8. The Lament Configuration
9. Flattening of Emotions (DEATH cover)

Abysmal Dawn