Abysmal Grief – Blasphema Secta

“Blasphema Secta” comes with the coolest intro I’ve heard this year. A sick church organ makes the introduction to a hard and very well cadenced song, The sound of it reminds those B terror movies, and when it comes to music, the effect is great. To then, in the end, comes a sad violin, which makes the intro to “Behold the corpes Revived.” It’s great when everything starts great. “Behold the corpes Revived” is heavy, thanks to the full-chorded, and catchy, guitar riff. The violin still goes around the song making the lead. Near the end, a childish instrument is added giving a twisted atmosphere to the song. An effect black metal bands are also doing. It works fine.

Abysmal Grief claim to be a doom metal band. That’s okay. But they manage to go far from the label. Guitar riffing is above average in “Blasphema Secta,” which scapes from the doom metal bands spell of only writing slow tempo songs. Abysmal Grief are a band of personality. Next song, “Maleficience,” goes on the same vibe. The sick childish instrumental intros it. The rough guitar riff is also a highlight contrasting with the gloomy and desperate 1980s vocal style. “Maleficience” is a bit faster than “Behold the corpes Revived.” Its cadence is very catchy. Not a common thing on doom metal bands. That’s which gives Abysmal Grief their personality. The sick incidental instruments are a landmark of Abysmal Grief. They are what gives them all the personality and uniqueness.

“Blasphema Secta,” as the name say, features lots of religious quotes. Being more specific, Roman Catholic quotes. They are what gives “Blasphema Secta” its dark side. Not only that, they are an inner part of Abysmal Grief. “When Darkness Prevails” shows a lot of those quotes. The dark female choir in the begnning is chilling. It gives you the creeps. The 1960 organ in “Ruthless Profaners” also gives a different atmosphere to “Blasphema Secta.”

Track Listing:

  1. Intro (The Occult Lore)
  2. Behold The Corpse Revived
  3. Maleficence
  4. Witchlord
  5. When Darkness Prevails
  6. Ruthless Profaners

Abysmal Grief’s “Blasphema Secta” is a great album for whom desires a different doom metal band. It will be released on January 13th via Terror From Hell Records.

Watch “Sinester Gleams” official video here: