Abysmal Winds – Magna Pestilencia Review

Sometimes all we metalheads need is a little dose of musical stupidity. We need an album that spreads all the terror and fear we feel in the outside world. An album we can send away all our fears and terrors. An album where the cruelty is only in the music and in the band’s iconography. A headband here, a headbang there, and voilà, another terrible at work day can come with all its doses of cruelty. Poor mortals who can’t appreciate Metal music won’t ever know the therapeutic effects of Metal music played at its loudest. The loudest, the best.

Abysmal Winds with “Magna Pestilencia” incarnate all this. It’s fast. It’s dirty. It’s ugly. It’s minimalist. By the intro called “Incantation” my dear child of the night might realize the cruelty the album delivers. The relentless pounding the drumming adds to the song is really something to praise. Add to that the growls vocalist and bassist HCF vociferates in “Sacrilegious” and my dear fan will have the total picture of “Magna Pestilencia” itself. It’s true that “Obliteration” punches some killer breaks just to break the ice. It’s also true “World Cadaver” inflicts some real painful slow cadences intertwined with some violently fast parts, but the album goes pretty much like aforementioned.

“Magna Pestilencia” is an album to heard with all the hate you have in your heart for your boss. A blasting expression of how cruel and stupidy Metal music can be. And that’s the way we love it. No more, no less. There are days in our lives that all we need is some relentless noise in violating our ears. Just that. Abysmal Winds with “Magna Pestilencia” deliver it.

Abysmal Winds “Magna Pestilencia” will be released on June 21st via I Hate Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Incantation (Intro)
  2. Sacrilegious
  3. Obliteration
  4. Blood Prison
  5. World Cadaver
  6. A Slumbering God
  7. Ivory Tomb
  8. Horrid Visions
  9. Magna Pestilencia

Watch “World Cadaver” official lyric video here: