Acârash – In Chaos Becrowned

There are acts which are really something. In fact, this Acârash “In Chaos Becrowned” drives the attention for its musical proposal. Acârash are a blackened doom metal band with something else. If I were to suggest a song to begin with, I’d pick “Legio Obscura” because it really stands out. There’s some, huh, – how can I explain – irony in it that calls the eye. It’s not really irony – I’m trying to find the right word. Sarcasm! Yes, it’s sarcasm. Well, not only “Legio Obscura,” but in all this album, “In Chaos Becrowned” is full of musical irony and sarcasm. Irony and sarcasm are the something else. My opinion is that it’s not the musical part that builds up a band. There are other elements that help a lot. The thing is to pay attention to all of them. Hence, music is not really only music. It’s a paralell universe with its own laws.

“In Chaos Becrowned” is a guitar oriented album, so the guitar leads the doomy drive. Vocals and lyrics are responsable for the black death parts. This is not an usual mix, but adding the aforementioned is. Acârash were able to create a rude and cruel lyrical content atmosphere where to go beyond instrumental. Many say that attitude counts more than music. Acârash are a band of attitude, and in their case, it really goes beyond. It takes them to the next level.

“In Chaos Becrowned” is full of hidden gems. If you listen carefully to all tracks, you will find them. Some are hidden, some are unearthed at the eye sight. For instance, “Sacrifice the Winter Wolf” has a great guitar tone played really slow to make you taste each note. In “Cenotaph in Flesh” you’ll find a great bass line which is embellished by some ethereal atmosphere. Abruptly, the song bursts into a furious guitar solo to slowly goes to its end.

Acârash “In Chaos Becrowned” was released on June 08th via Dark Essence Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Cadaver Dei
  2. Shadows Roam
  3. Gathering of Crows
  4. In Chaos Becrowned
  5. Ashes of the Mortal Mind
  6. Legio Obscura
  7. Sacrifice the Winter Wolf
  8. Cenotaph in Flesh

Watch “In Chaos Becrowned” official video here: