Accuser – The Forlorn Divide

Accuser_-_The_Forlorn_Divide  I don’t have many expectations, but as of right now I expect one thing out of all you: to be excited about the excellent thrash that will be happening next month (March for those simpletons out there). The main album I want you all to listen to other than Artillery’s is “The Forlorn Divide” from long time thrashers Accuser. When I say that there isn’t nearly enough hype about this record, I mean that all of you thrash fans out there reading this need to mark this on your calendars, buy it on iTunes, then listen to the only song that’s available right now because “The Forlorn Divide” is without a doubt one of the best thrash albums that will have come out in 2016 the moment its released. Other than the mellow intro track, the rest of this record is monstrously paced with a vicious overtone that holds not a single thing back, and makes your ears bleed pure pleasure. And as if having a feel that is both intense and fast while being awesome at the same time, Accuser has such experience that they implement riffs into their metal that the only appropriate word I can use to describe it is “orgasmic”. The only thing that matches the sheer, raw power that is contained within “The Forlorn Divide” is the length of it as all ten tracks reach up to a total of a little over 46 minutes pure intensity that is only added onto by catchy riffs, a massive presence, and an absolutely brutal feel for its entirety. Accuser may have been considered “underground” until now but I will call it right here and now that “The Forlorn Divide” will be their break through album. It will be their “Twilight of the Thunder God” and their “The Number of the Beast”. As one who has heard my fair share of thrash, I can honestly tell you that Accuser has 100% made my favorite piece of thrash that I’ve heard in over a f**king year, and if you don’t agree with me on that then you can definitely understand when I say that “The Forlorn Divide” is an album that cannot and should not be heard lightly.

“The Forlorn Divide” releases on March 11th! You can pre-order the album via iTunes here, and stream the single from the album, “Tribulation”, via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Predawn
  2. Lust for Vengeance
  3. Unreal Perception
  4. Arbitrary Law
  5. Impending Doom
  6. Tribulation
  7. Perish by Oblivion
  8. Fifth Column
  9. Sulfur Rain
  10. Flow of Dying