ACE FREHLEY Announces Breakup With Fiancée After Nearly Six Years: ‘It Was Just Time’

Ace Frehley Announce Breakup With Fiancee

Ace Frehley and his fiancée, Lara Cove, have ended their nearly six-year relationship. The original KISS guitarist, who had been living with Lara in Sparta, New Jersey, announced the breakup from the stage during his June 15 concert at the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in Charles Town, West Virginia.

Before starting the song “Rock Soldiers,” Ace told the audience: “I broke up with my ex, Lara. Sorry. She’s gone. I still care about her. Wonderful girl, beautiful girl. We decided to part our own ways, and she’s happy, I’m happy. It was just time. Things go south, right? Three out of four marriages end after five years in this country, statistically. I don’t wanna be a bearer of bad news, but that’s reality.”

Lara discussed her breakup with Ace in a post on her My Art Of Glass Facebook page. She wrote:

“Dear friends and followers,

“After much thought and heartfelt conversations, Ace and I have decided to part ways. Our love and respect for each other remain strong, and we will always treasure the bond we’ve shared and the memories we’ve created together. This decision is a step we are taking as we both embark on new paths in our lives.

“I refuse to say one bad word about him and will not be discussing our breakup further. This statement is the only comment I will make on the matter, out of respect for him and my own integrity. I am grateful for the support and kindness you have always shown us. Please continue to extend that love as we navigate this new chapter.

“With gratitude and warmth, Lara“.