ACE FREHLEY: PAUL STANLEY Called Me Last Week To Say ‘F**K You, ACE’

Ace Frehley Paul Stanley

Ace Frehley, the original guitarist for KISS, returned to SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” on Wednesday, April 5, to provide an update on his continuing verbal battle with ex-bandmates Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. This appearance occurred one week after Frehley warned he would reveal undisclosed information about Paul and Gene unless they apologized for the negative comments they made on “The Howard Stern Show.”

When asked about whether Stanley reached out to him following the issuance of the ultimatum, Ace responded: “Yes, he did — not long after the show was over. And I was blindsided by the phone call because I saw his name come up on my cell phone. And I spoke to him a hundred different times on that number, and that can be verified by Verizon, who is my cell phone carrier. I figured he was calling me maybe to apologize or at least explain why he said that. Maybe he meant it really more towards Peter [Criss, original KISS drummer] than me, and whatever the case may be. But instead of an apology, I got a five-second phone call which said, ‘F**k you, Ace. I’m not gonna apologize,’ and hung up.

“He wasn’t even man enough to let me give a rebuttal and explain why I’m so upset or anything like that…. It wasn’t a text. It was a phone call. And the only reason I picked up it is because it said ‘Paul S‘. When it comes to the guys, I never write their full name [into my phone]. God forbid somebody finds my phone. They may not figure out that it’s Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, and I would never give out their phone numbers.”

Ace later said that he is sure the phone call was indeed from Paul. “Absolutely,” he said. “And I did screengrabs from [my wireless carrier] Verizon on… It’s the same day as our [previous] interview, and it says [the call lasted] five seconds… Some idiot out there might say, ‘Oh, well. Ace is a graphic artist. He’s really good at Photoshop. He could have probably Photoshopped it.’ Well, guess what. It’s still on the servers, and I’m still gonna get a bill from Verizon that’s gonna say a five-second phone call from ‘P.S.‘, Paul Stanley. And God forbid I sue them for defamation of character, a judge can order them to pull it off the servers, because it’s still there.”

As per Ace, he has communicated with KISS‘s manager Doc McGhee about the incident. “I told Doc McGhee this whole story, and you know what he came back with? He said, ‘Paul said he never called you,’ number one. Number two, Doc said to me [Paul] uses AT&T — not realizing that it really doesn’t matter if he calls me from Tokyo from [some foreign] cell phone company,” Frehley said. “My carrier documents every phone call I get. I can’t believe Doc said that to me. I thought he was a little smarter than that when it came to cell phones.”

“I would have been happy if Paul had just called me one on one like a man and apologized. That would have sufficed,” he added. “But after cursing me out on the phone, the gloves are off… And I’ve known Paul for almost 50 years, and we’ve always had a really good rapport on the cell phone. But I recognized his voice. If you know somebody 50 years, you know their voice. I would never lie about something like that, and I can prove it. We’re living in a world with technology that has footprints.”

Regarding his earlier warning to unveil “a 120-page manuscript” penned following the completion of his book, which allegedly would “ruin” Paul and Gene‘s careers, it seems Ace has experienced a change of heart.

He said: “I spoke to several good friends of mine who are God-fearing people and I go to AA [alcoholics anonymous] meetings with, and they said, ‘Don’t ever sink to their level. That’s what they do. That’s what they’ve been doing for years. Why are you goonna sink to their level?’ So, then I came to the realization that I don’t even have to bring up anything that I have hidden away in my attorney’s safe deposit box. I can just talk about things that they’ve said about me in black and white. They can’t come after me after that because they said it — it’s in black and white.”