ACHELOUS Tell “The Icewind Chronicles’

No Remorse Records proudly presents the sophomore full-length album of ACHELOUS!
After its formation as a one-man project by Chris Achelous in Athens / Greece in January 2011 and two demos of atmospheric extreme sounds, it took not long for ACHELOUS to evolve into something different. It was the November of 2013 when ex-Reflection singer Chris Kappas joined and ACHELOUS became a band. In April of 2014 they released a demo, “Al Iskandar,” and all 500 copies were sold in a short period.
At the end of 2014 the band entered The Music House Studio in order to record their first EP entitled “The Cold Winds Of Olympus.” It was released in February 2015 and got very positive reviews, giving the band the opportunity to promote it by performing live locally. In 2018 ACHELOUS finished the recordings of their first full-length album, “Macedon,”  which was released in September of 2018 and received excellent reviews from fans and media. Following the release, ACHELOUS performed at festivals like Malta Doom Festival and Riddle of Steel, sharing the stage with bands like Demon and Atlantean Kodex. A few more live shows followed which established ACHELOUS as a powerful live act.
he 2021 EP “Northern Winds” was a first sample of what would follow, since the same-titled track is also included on the new album. “The Icewind Chronicles” is a combination of thunderous and straight-forward epic heavy metal with atmospheric passages, creating a sound which brings in mind elements of bands like Battleroar, Ironsword and even Bathory. The atmosphere and the melodic parts alongside the lyrics that are based on R.A. Salvatore’s Icewind Dale trilogy add a strong epic vibe with the storytelling being a key aspect of the album.
“The Icewind Chronicles” features guest appearances of Christina Petrogianni (vocals), Johnny Litinakis (bass) and Haris Dinos (guitars) and was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Music House, Athens, Greece by Stathis Pavlantis (Reflection).

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