REVIEW: Achren – The White Death


For more than ten years now, Achren have been refining and intensifying their music, the music they so aptly describe as ‘Blood Metal’ – a uniquely savage blend of visceral extremity and accomplished musicality. They have learned their trade alongside the very best in the business, sharing the stage with masters of brutality like Morbid Angel, Vader, Onslaught, Destruction and Dismember. They have conquered audiences across Europe in countless packed out clubs and on the bills of some of the largest and most revered of metal festivals – Metalcamp, Wacken Open Air, Bloodstock and more. Their 2011 debut album, The Forgotten King, was hailed by the press – with major magazines like Zero Tolerance calling it a ‘strong album that the band can be rightly proud of’. Well now it is time for the latest chapter in the story of Achren’s triumphant march to begin…with The White Death.

The White Death is a three track EP, released on a limited edition digi-pack CD, adorned with striking artwork by Scottish artist Karen Bones. Inspired by renowned Finnish World War II sniper Simo Häyhä, The White Death represents a new peak for Achren – showcasing their musical maturity, enticing melodies and sheer, ruthless power.

An explosive musical statement in its own right, The White Death is also a standard bearer, a harbinger of what is to come – the second full length album from Achren which will arrive to lay waste to all in its path later this year. Darkness is coming…