ADUANTEN Unleash New Single ‘Palace Of Ruin’

ADUANTEN have released a powerful new track titled, “Palace Of Ruin” today that comes from the bands highly anticipated new EP, Sullen CadenceThe track features guests Tanner Anderson (Panopticon) on vocals, Damian Herring (Horrendous) on vocals, Joel Miller on bass, and Adrian Benavides on synth and additional percussion.

Guitarist Ciaran McCloskey describes the themes throughout the track:

“‘Palace Of Ruin’ is primarily about the Syrian Civil War, but it is not a political song; it’s an attempt to reclaim the simple human element that is often lost in the way that these sorts of events are covered in the West. I have not personally experienced any sort of crisis of the magnitude of what has been transpiring in Syria in the past decade, so this song is my attempt to explore the question of what it would be like to have to rebuild yourself and re-imagine your own history after surviving something like the Sinjar massacre. In this sense, the song relates to the EP’s general theme of the strange and unfamiliar landscape of traumatic experiences.”

ADUANTEN are set to release the bands debut EP, Sullen Cadence, on May 7th, 2021. Pre-order is available now.

Sullen Cadence Track Listing:
1. The Drowning Tide
2. Sullen Cadence
3. The Corpses Of Sum
4. Palace Of Ruin

You can listen to the single here at MetalInjection.