Advent of Fire – Verikaste Review

Albums that bring a surprise are my favorite. That thing that when you are listening to it and suddenly something changes. They are really my favorite. Advent of Fire “Verikaste” happened this during the fifth track “Koston Päivä” when a part of a famous classical track appears – sorry, I’m absolutely unable to name the song because although it’s very famous I’ve never known it’s tittle. Well, whatever, the citation of the song changed everything completely as I said the other review. Everything was going pretty normal when that happened. Some may find it funny to I say normal to a band like Advent of Fire which, coming seriously to think of it, has nothing of normal. Well, to tell you the truth, changes started to change a little bit before.

The beginning of “Verikaste” shows a band that sticks to Extreme Metal but with some different features. Vocals are harsher more of the hoarse type that gutural. That gives the songs a more natural way and makes them much more interesting. Guitars also follow this same line being also more of the hoarse type. Not low, but with more overdrive, not distortion. What also gives Advent of Fire’s music its personality. By the way, “Teuras” has such a frantic drive and weird vocals  that the track stand out of the album as well. I guess my fan remembers those tracks that it’s impossible to stop banging to a such energetic and agitated track.

“Verikaste” makes itself very interesting due to vocals and the guitar tones. Ah, by the way, only on the seventh track “Ruhonsyöjä” I noticed that there are no guitar solos in the album. That reminded a hardcore friend that used to say that the song ask for a guitar solo.  I guess that in this very particular case he is absolutely right. Well, I’m more surprised that I haven’t noticed it before. Now that I said all this I noticed a guitar solo in the track. Damn, songs love to prove me wrong. No one can always right, isn’t it? But, whatever, not all the tracks have a guitar solo and that’s pretty peculiar.

Advent of Fire “Verikaste” will be released on December 03rd via Great Dane Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Alku
  2. Verikaste
  3. Pelkkää Vihaa
  4. Petos
  5. Koston Päivä
  6. Teuras
  7. Ruhonsyöjä
  8. Saalis
  9. Varjoni

Watch “Ruhonsyöjä” official music video here: