AENTHROPY Follow The ‘Nebulae’


Aenthropy were formed in 2015 by guitarist Dezso Kozma, bassist Ádám Bálint and drummer Gyozo Mesterházy in Budapest, Hungary. Our goal was to play the kind of music we wanted to hear, some kind of unique mixture of harsh and mellow elements, using a cello instead of a second guitar. We didn’t have a solid idea about how the music should sound, or what genre we would want to fit in, we just started playing together, and Aenthropy is the product of that. After a long search, and a few changes in the line-up, we found the perfect cellist for this concept, Márk Rostetter.

We don’t really use common structures for our songs, we start from point A, and want to get to point B and just let the music flow and see where it goes. Our music is often described as progressive, mainly because the odd time signatures we use, and maybe because of the lack of the good old ‘verse-chorus-verse-chorus’-type of songs.

We started writing songs in this formation in 2017, however songwriting can be really slow and tedious in our band because usually we have no initial concept, only a ‘theme’, a mood of which the song will be about. We recorded our first album, “Nebulae” in our own rehearsal room in late 2018, and we gave the raw material to Hov Recording to mix and master our songs. The album was released in november 2019.

Dezso Kozma – guitar
Márk Rostetter – cello
Ádám Bálint – bass
Gyozo Mesterházy – drums

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