Aenthropy – Nebulae

It is always great to review an instrumental album. There are many reasons to, but one of them is that they are getting very scarce. There was a time, not so back than, that they were more abundant. So abundant that almost each Metal album had at least an instrumental track. That was a tradition that the NWOBHM brought and many bands found it nice and nailed it. From where I’m sitting, I just love them. Instrumental albums are so nice, so cool and daring. Yeah, daring. I mean, when a band decides to write an instrumental song, it is implied that one of the most feature of a popular will be willingly avoided. This feature is the vocal. Our modern popular music is much based on vocals. Metal as well. A great example of that is that Extreme Metal is labeled Extreme Metal due to the vocals.

Aenthropy with “Nebulae” try to fill in these blanks. From what I’ve heard they did it pretty well. “Nebulae” is a nice album to listen to and has the needed creativity in order to make itself audible. I mean, in some instrumental albums the musicians take the idea so far that they get so much beyond the average listener and are impossible to hear. That’s not the case for the fan’s sake. Aenthropy are very coherent on their proposal of taking it to the ethereal and astronomical field – astronomical, yeah, I counldn’t find a better word, maybe space, whatever. “Nebulae” is pretty ethereal in sonance and it kicks off with “Nebula Aeterna” which begins with an interesting fiddle solo – well, at elast, I guess it is a fiddle. There are lots of moments that the fan is brought to a Led Zeppelin influence during the entire album. The fiddle goes on to the following track “Nebula Ultima” and sounds a bit more connected to this song. “Bipolar” follows the musical idea the band proposed in the beginning. Ah, by the way, all tracks in “Nebulae” follow the same musical idea. In some times the fan who knows a bit about music might notice that there is a taste of naiveness in it specially during the guitar solos. But I believe they are absolutely intentional. Maybe it was the fuzz pedal they used. All songs are well-built and names related to main idea. As I said, Aenthropy are a very coherent band. A highlight is the clean bass which makes it also audible unlike most of their peers which try to hide the sound of the instrument.

A great album to the fans of instrumental albums. It’s worth the shot.

Aenthropy “Nebulae” was independently released in 2020.

Track Listing:

  1. Nebula Aeterna
  2. Nebula Ultima
  3. Bipolar
  4. Napfelkelte
  5. 1408
  6. Moraj

Watch “Nebula Aeterna” official video here: