AEROSMITH’s STEVEN TYLER Reveals How Much They Are Paid A Show

Aerosmith‘s vocalist Steven Tyler revealed to QG magazine how much they are paid a show. Take a look at parts of the interview:

“When you get sober, you start working your program and you find out why you got so f**ked up to begin with. That’s when the fun begins. It’s like, “How do you quantify a rock star’s algorithm? How deep do I go into that?

I got a band that’s still together, the guys are still alive, everyone’s healthy. We play better than we did 50 years ago. I mean, there was a certain rawness when we played clubs and we were all f**ked up. Sure, I get it. But the band is still together and still sought-after. People still want us for a million-plus dollars a night. And that’s what’s at risk if I use again. And my kids. My cats. My dogs. My beautiful f**king house in Maui. My girlfriend. Everything is at risk.

It’s none of my business, you know? If someone can handle it, then God bless ’em. Who am I to tell someone what to do? It’s a waste of time. When I was getting high, I had a lot of people tell me, ‘Would you f**king sober up?’ Did I listen to them? No. You’re down the rabbit hole, and suddenly in comes your f**king high school teacher, starts ripping you another asshole about why you’re dancing with the Red Queen? Or ‘Why are you talking to the rabbit?’ You don’t want to listen to anybody when you’re on your own little journey.”