Aethyrick – Praxis

Aethyrick “Praxis” is very good example of how a Black Metal band can turn despair, pain, and misery into an ordenated musical chaos full of anger and anguish and even make it melodious without loosing the power and the relentless cadence Metal fans demand.

“Praxis” consists of seven unstoppable songs where a dark and painful melody surrounds. Though the album does not have a depressing intent, its vibe is pretty down. Who said that this sad and lonely planet is full of joy and happiness? That’s the message Aethyrick desire to pass on embellished by beautiful instrumental passages. Note that guitars abuse of using single notes not to create a too heavy atmosphere. Vocals are the ones which do the trick of brutalizing songs. This technique is very used by Black Metal bands which wnat to give their songs a more melodious grip. Aethyrick do that all around “Praxis.” “Wayfarer” and “Adytum” are great examples of the technique. The song are dense, but with a thin atmosphere which is broken by excruciating yells.

Calls the eye the intermittent sadness that guides “Praxis” and Aethyrick. If you are a newcomer to the dark arts, get used to all the grief bands use to write their songs. The reality Aethyrick show is much more rare than some people are used to. Metal is really not for everyone.

Aethyrick “Praxis” was released on December 15th via The Sinister Flame.

You can buy Aethyrick “Praxis” here.

Track Listing:

  1. Protectress
  2. Reverence
  3. Pilgrimage
  4. Quietude
  5. Wayfarer
  6. Adytum
  7. Totems

Watch “Protectress” official video here: