Aftershock – Resist Review

Interesting, very interesting daredevils.

This band is bold, very bold fellows.

You, my fan, my child of the night, might be asking why do I say that.

Because Aftershock with “Resist” do what many bands don’t have the guts to do. And that is an album that goes beyond the limits of its genre and style. “Resist” is an album that uses a lot old features and influences, but still, in the mix, the outcome is something fresh and exciting. 

The idea of mixing Funk and its polyrhythmic basis is not new, of course. Pretty old indeed, however, the way a band deals with old references is the key to it. Well, in fact, I don’t like to use the word old for music. I guess it’s better to say dorment because musicians are always reinventing things and bringing them to light every now and then. Aftershock here do a woundrous job in bringing again to light features from Classic Rock in particular the chorded guitar riffings full of overdrive and guitar phrases as main riffing.

In a weird way Aftershock remind me a lot of Quiet Riot because Mordigan Ritter’s voice is very near Kevin DuBrown’s. Musicwise, though not so near, the bands have lots of points in similar. The spirit of the music is the same. Both bands are capable of making their music sound much heavier than it’s supposed to be. I mean the elements they use aren’t supposed to be that heavy, but the way they mix them and perform them turn into some really heavy stuff. Quiet Riot is my doing, okay? Their press release never mentions the band.

Of course, there isn’t only Quiet Riot here. There is a lot of Led Zeppelin and some Faith No More, mainly in the ideas. It’s as if Aftershock put all their influences in a cauldron, mixed them all, and brought their music after stirring them a lot. For instance, “Fly” sounds as a mix of Quiet Riot with Rage Against the Machine, as uncanny as it may sound. But the outcome is great and heavy. Heavy is the key word for “Resist.”

By the way, the band is commited. I love that. The lyrics here are commited and that also makes a lot of difference.

“Fight and Resist

Never give in


Fight and Resist”

That’s the idea!

Aftershock “Resist” was released on July 10th via Make Metal Groove Again.

Track Listing:

  1. Babayaga
  2. Strings
  3. Freedom
  4. Let It Flow
  5. Fly
  6. Resist

Watch “Resist” official music video here: