AGABAS Release Their Self-Titled Album

Deathjazz – the unholy bastard child of metal and jazz, bursting with blast beats, clarinet solos, heavy riffs, jazzy runs, screaming vocals, and swingin’ drums. All of this can be experienced on Agabas’ self-titled debut EP. The EP is available on all streaming platforms
Back in 2016 guitarists Jarand Aga Baas and Oskar Myrseth put together the first constellation of what was to become Agabas. With the power of Jarand’s super cool last name and a strong desire to play heavy-ass music they set to work. Things ran their course, but it wasn’t until drummer Eirik Bakken and clarinet player Jens-Jonas Roberts joined the band that the power of jazz was added to the formula. This was a crucial turning point, because while metal certainly hits hard enough, there is another kind of intensity that its expression can never touch, and that intensity can be found in jazz. Not just any old jazz though, we’re talking pure, raw nineteen sixties hard bop and free jazz in the likes of John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman. Fuse this together with Marshall stacks, blast beats, heavy riffs, and screaming vocals and what do you get? The answer is deathjazz.
Agabas released their first deathjazz EP, self -titled, in August 2019. With the concept firmly set and eyes towards the future, they constantly work to push musical boundaries. All conventions are off the table. Only rule is that it has to be good and it has to be heavy. The band is currently situated in Trondheim, Norway, where they are active playing gigs and making new music. The sextet is planning to release a full-length album in 2020, and there is plenty of singles and other content to come before that. The music is getting heavier and jazzier by the minute, so there is no reason not to hop on this wagon.

Sondre Sørensen – vocals
Jarand Aga Baas – guitars
Oskar Myrseth – guitars
Johan Jamtfall – bass
Jens-Jonas Roberts – clarinet
Eirik Bakken – drums

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