AGE OF ATHENA Open the ‘Gate to Oblivion’

“Gate To Oblivion” is the epic debut offering from AGE OF ATHENA. Entwining influences of American metalcore and European symphonic metal into their sound, AGE OF ATHENA delivers ethereal melodies, demonic harsh vocals and dynamic instrumentation.

“Hey everyone! It’s Age of Athena here. We’re very happy to share our new album with you, “Gate To Oblivion,” coming December 17th. Lyrically, most of the record is about the ‘darkness’, acting as a metaphor for the lower state of mind and well-being many of us deal with every day. Together through music, we hope to overcome our struggles and look forward to a brighter and better future for everyone.”

“Lost in Darkness” showcases a theatrical flair with dramatic orchestration combining with a powerful lead riff. Ethereal vocals soar above the heavy instrumentation and bring together elements of metalcore and symphonic metal with a striking effect. The guitar driven “Dance With The Devil” unleashes an array of shredding leads and intense rhythms, while “Sickness Without Sense” comprises of guttural sounds, high energy levels and an anthemic edge.

AGE OF ATHENA have thrown their all into producing an astounding debut album. “Gate To Oblivion” both descends into the darkness and transcends, soaring towards the light. Unveiling their distinctive compositional style with expertly executed performances, AGE OF ATHENA’s musical exploration reveals a world of creativity.

Zachary Sabean
Helen Illumina
Nathan Gross
Michael Johnson

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