Age of the Wolf – Ouroboric Trances

Having reviewed so many Doom Metal bands this turned out to be a very elucidating thing because now I can notice all the subtle and slight differences bands show us. As it is of common sense, Doom Metal bands seem to be monolithic, boring even due to their main characteristics. Flat wrong, my child of the night. Paying good attention to them, it’s possible to get all the rich and creative features that there are behind each band and its music. The fun fact, and this is valid for music in general, is that it’s not much needed, maybe some vocals, maybe some guitars, some keyboarding, or else. It doesn’t take much.

Age of the Wolf in “Ouroboric Trances” trace a path leading to regular Heavy Metal. “Goliah,” for instance kicks off with a beautiful acoustic guitar with a gentle guitar solo as harmony heating the machine to a strong  guitar riffing in a slow cadence full of emotion and feeling. When I say strong, I mean really strong as Metal music has to be. It’s possible to notice that the leading path in “Ouroboric Trances” is to have two moments; the Doom one and the Heavy Metal one. Age of the Wolf divide them perfectly. Of course, not in a role or in a sequence, but in all the album. “Witches’ Gallows” kicks off with a touching violin sequence to then go through an acoustic guitar melody the evolves into another even more touching violin sequence. Wonderful track full of subtle beauties. Following track “Bloodrage” is a Doom tune with Heavy Metal features. Not so slow, but not fast with strong guitars and vocals. A very good melt. Pay attention to the very resourceful and emotional guitar work in “Molten Earth.” Big deal if you like guitars.

There is one very subtle thing in “Ouroboric Trances” that only a few would notice. That thing is the gentle touch of Blues in the guitars. Many forget that the Blues is the basis for all Metal done in the beginning. You may take Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, among others. Tight your ears and try to notice the Blues influences in Age of the Wolf. They subtle, but noticeable.

Age of the Wolf “Ouroboric Trances” will be released on May 17th via Aural Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Herald of Abyssos
  2. Unholy
  3. Goliath
  4. The Crimson Penitence
  5. Goddess of the Hunt
  6. Witches’ Gallow
  7. Bloodrage
  8. Molten Earth

Watch “Goliath” live video here: