AIRBNB Host Refuse To Provide Services To Metal Fan

Heavy Metal Fans

A metal fan going by the name Kayleigh found herself in an awkward situation for accommodation when an Airbnb host based in Bristol, U.K. refused a request to let her stay at their property after learning she would be in town to watch nu metal band DEATH BLOOMS.

Host declined to let Kayleigh rent their property ahead of the band’s show on September 21 expressing that they were “not comfortable with the nature of this music.”

After Kayleigh asked to be given a reason for the refusal, they stated that while they “have no issue with anybody’s taste in music”, they “find [DEATH BLOOMS’] music and lyrics aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing”.

Airbnb list a detailed Nondiscrimination Policy on their website, which does state that that where a person’s characteristics are not protected by law, eg, race, gender identity or sexuality, hosts are free to reject the booking based on “personal preference.”

The company have since notified Kayleigh that they will “take a closer look into [the situation].”

DEATH BLOOMS members have made the most of the furore by releasing T-shirts with the adjectives proudly printed on the back and even announced that if they sell out of their initial stock they will pay for Kayleigh’s accommodation themselves.